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eagle flying

FLIGHT is our 30-minute activity period that will be held daily in the mornings between 1st and 2nd blocks.

During FLIGHT, students can....

•Get extra help from teachers

•Reassess work/tests

•Complete make-up work


•Participate in clubs 

•Meet with coaches

Students will follow a set schedule of classes during FLIGHT.

Student Flight Presentation

First Day of FLIGHT 23-24 SY


Please find a list of clubs and activities that will be offered during Flight this school year.  All clubs and activities are now meeting.  If you are interested in participating in an activity, please reach out to the sponsor to find out more information about that group.

Clubs OffeRRED

FLIGHT Presentation

Students viewed a presentation about the upcoming Flight schedule of clubs and activities.  You can review the presentation that discusses what clubs and activities are being offered in the next phase of Flight as well as student expectations.