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North Point High School for Science, Technology and Industry
Opened in 2005

North Point received its name because it is a focal point located in the northern area of Charles County for students countywide and also serves as a community facility. In addition to pulling students from its attendance zone, students from around the county who are accepted in the career and technology program will attend North Point as well. The Science, Technology and Industry program offers training, technical knowledge, preparation for post-secondary education, and the development of employability skills through academic instruction and practical work experiences. Students may receive college credit after successfully completing some of the courses offered. The program was formally called the Career and Technology Education Program and was located where the current Stethem Educational Center is now.

Source: Central Office Records.

The real world starts here…Create your own tomorrow.
North Point High School is both a comprehensive high school and a science, technology and industry (STI) school, offering college preparatory, advanced placement, science, technology, industry, business and general programs. North Point provides a purposeful education for all students through rigorous instruction and a collaborative culture. Each student will find a focus that will enrich the value of his or her high school experience and prepare the individual for the real world. To that end, the school prepares students in the areas of academic achievement, career readiness and personal responsibility.

North Point’s Science, Technology and Industry programs are organized into schools and include the following:

  • School of Advanced Technology and Engineering
  • School of Technology
  • School of Construction Development
  • School of Health, Human and Protective Services

Many of these programs are weighted and offer college credit. North Point’s four-block A-B day schedule begins at 8:05 am and ends at 2:50 pm.

Belief Statement

We believe:

  • Students will acquire skills that will confidently prepare them for the future.
  • Rigorous and differentiated instruction develops critical thinking, creativity and curiosity.
  • Integrity and responsibility are vital to students reaching their personal best.
  • The power of the block schedule and educational technology enrich the way teachers teach and students learn.
  • A diverse student population is an asset to our educational program.
  • Effective communication between teacher and student, student and home and home and school supports the achievements of the North Point community.
  • Learning never ends.